Hulu’s New Mystery Series ‘Only Murders In The Building’ Has Entered Rarified Viewership Air (… According To Hulu)

While pairing Selena Gomez with the classic comedy team of Steve Martin and Martin Short seems like a slam dunk, you never know what’s going to connect with audiences these days, so their new murder mystery Only Murders in the Building is a gamble just like any other show. Apparently, that bet has paid off as Hulu has announced that Only Murders is now the “most-watched comedy premiere” in the entire history of the streaming platform after debuting earlier in the week.

The news was clearly a huge hit with Steve Martin who co-created the show, and he didn’t waste a minute sharing the good news on Twitter:

Of course, The Wrap report that Martin shared includes some interesting caveats. For starters, as has frustratingly become standard practice, Hulu did not provide specific viewership numbers. On top of that, the streaming platform seems to be having a lot of “historic” moments lately:

This whole internal-record-breaking thing seems to be going around at Hulu. “Nine Perfect Strangers” recently became the most-watched Hulu Original series premiere ever, and movie “Vacation Friends” just had the best opening weekend for a Hulu Original film.

“Nine Perfect Strangers” had a stronger premiere day than “Only Murders” did, we’re told. But again, different genres.

So, basically, Hulu wants you to know that its latest shows and films are doing really great, but you’re just going to have to take Hulu’s word for it because they don’t really do receipts. Welcome to the future of television.

The first three episodes of Only Murders in the Building are available to stream on Hulu with new episodes arriving on Tuesdays.

(Via Steve Martin on Twitter, The Wrap)