Netflix’s NSFW ‘Unraveled’ Recap Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Will Do A Number On Your Brain

In a matter of hours, Orange is the New Black will serve up a sparkling new season to binge, discuss and obsess over until the painfully long wait for next summer’s premiere to arrive. (Even Sesame Street has been doing their part to ease the wait.) In the meantime, Netflix has blessed us with a handy string-structured recap of the seasons that came before. No really!

Nestled above is a delightful and delightfully NSFW (depending on how your workplace views yarn urination scenes) bluffer’s guide to where we are now with mighty Season 5 at the doorstep. “Blood” is spilled, stop-motion animated vaginas are exposed and events are briskly laid out until we’re sewn into where that fifth season is set to start. There’s no dialogue in play, but who needs dialogue to understand that colorful puke is coming out of a puppet?

The “unraveled” take on the first four seasons of OITNB contains key developments in the series, so consider spoilers abound for those of you nervous about that sort of thing. If you’re curious about what awaits when the June 9 debut hits, be sure to check out Alan Sepinwall’s look at what Orange Is The New Black has in store for Season 5. Happy future binging, buds!