‘O’Reilly Factor’ Lackey Jesse Watters Is Back With ‘Hilarious’ Insights At San Fransisco’s Gay Pride Day

After getting himself kicked out of the National Organization for Women’s conferences in Albuquerque last week, Bill O’Reilly’s dangling turd hanger-on of a correspondent Jesse Watters and his popped collar took their “Watters World” act to the San Fransisco Gay Pride Day, where he brought more of the same. Whaaaaaat, you mean there’s a big gay scene in San Fransisco? Tell us more, oh, sage, second-tier Fox News correspondent!

It didn’t seem like he was quite bringing his A-game this time, however, and wasn’t quite as demeaning — which isn’t saying that much considering last time he asked a feminist if her favorite movie was G.I. Jane — mostly throwing out dumb softballs like “are you sure you don’t like girls?,” and asking if he “could have a straight pride day if [he] wanted to.” Well no, sh*t for brains, because up until a few years ago, every day was straight pride day. To be honest, the whole segment seemed like it could have been taken straight out of the Colbert Report because for the most part attendees gave pretty straight-forward and intelligent answers — so if the goal was to make a fool out of everyone then mission failed.

Afterwards Bill asks him if he had a good time and Watters admits that he had a blast — and you know what, I actually kind of believed him. Boyfriend rocks that popped collar just a little bit too convincingly, and I don’t believe for a second that he wasn’t elbow deep in tequila shots and plastic Mardi Gras-style beads the second the cameras stopped rolling.

(Note: Watch here if the embed gets taken down.)

(O’Reilly Factor via Death and Taxes)