Paramount+ And Showtime Are The Latest Platforms To Merge As One Service

Paramount+ and Showtime are making television consumption a little bit easier on your and your bank statement. In the streaming era, it’s increasingly difficult to keep up with how many services there are (and how many you pay for). Remember the days when television came from one source: cable? Now, for every streaming service you have, there are five streaming services you don’t have or have never even heard of.

Paramount+ (the streaming service formerly known as CBS All Access) and Showtime have merged into a single streaming app while keeping both apps separate, per Variety. All of your faves from Paramount+ like, I don’t know, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation or Top Gun: Maverick will be available to stream in the same place where you obsessively watch Yellowjackets and/or Jon Bernthal in the upcoming drama American Gigolo. Previously, Paramount+ offered a Showtime add-on, but this required a separate app for Showtime.

New subscribers will be able to sign up for Paramount+ With Showtime for a discounted $7.99 per month for the basic service with ads, and for the ad-free version at $12.99 per month. Current subscribers can upgrade to the bundle within the app. Past October 2, the ad-supported version will rise to $11.99 per month and the ad-free version to $14.99 per month. Tom Ryan, president and CEO of Paramount Global Streaming, said in a statement that the merge and the bundles are part of an attempt to make streaming an easier experience for consumers:

“The Paramount+ with Showtime bundle offers consumers unprecedented value by providing one of the broadest content libraries in streaming at one of the lowest prices in the marketplace. This singular user experience streamlines sign-up and enhances discovery, and this lower price will allow more households to enjoy this exceptional combined entertainment offering.”

Paramount+ With Showtime, which is available now, is proof that you can merge streaming services without, say, canceling a movie that was already made and removing shows.

(Via Variety)