New York PBS Station Wins At Advertising With Glorious Fake Reality Show Subway Ads

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05.29.13 28 Comments

So this is brilliant: Thirteen, one of New York’s PBS stations, has taken to the subways with a new parody campaign created by Chi & Partners to remind the world all they watch is vapid, useless garbage and we’re all becoming dumber for it.

Simple process: 1) Create ridiculous fake reality show posters, 2) Tell people they’re stupid for thinking this was real show, 3) Profit?

I’m rarely pro public shaming, but I couldn’t be more for it in this case. We need to be reminded regularly that our culture is decaying and that the glorification of talentless a-holes is part of the reason why as often as possible. And if that comes with bonus mime jokes and taglines like, “It’s sew on,” all the better. Bravo to all involved.

The four other variations of the campaign, via Entertainment Weekly, after the jump.

Entertainment Weekly via The Clearly Dope

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