James Gunn Swears ‘Peacemaker’ Is Safe At HBO Max (For The Second Season, At Least)

Things aren’t looking so hot over at HBO Max. On Wednesday, rumors swirled about how the semi-newly merged Warner Bros. Discovery may be coming for one of the world’s most popular streamers. There’s talk of mass layoffs. Original scripted content may come to an end. That’s got lots of people worried about their favorite HBO Max shows, including The Flight Attendant, Our Flag Means Death, and Hacks. But one show, at least, is said to be safe — for now.

As caught by Deadline, amidst the furor, a fan of Peacemaker, the spin-off show about John Cena’s Suicide Squad member, sought answers from the show’s creator himself. They asked James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films and last year’s super-gory, confusingly titled sequel The Suicide Squad, if the show was safe. Gunn wrote back, simply, “Yes, guys, calm down.”

Of course, Gunn only confirmed that Season 2 is fine. If HBO Max is no longer producing original shows — or if it has morphed into something else entirely — then it might have to find another home, if it can.

It’s understandable that people are freaked out. The day before the HBO Max death talks began, Warner Bros. Discovery announced they were shelving two films that were either already done or near completion: Batgirl and Scoob!: Haunted Holiday. It was a shocking — and unprecedented — move, and it got many worried about what other drastic changes were en route. In the meantime, keep the streamer that has it all — from good original shows to classic cinema to delightful garbage ‘90s thrillers — in your thoughts.

(Via Deadline)