Ryan Reynolds Played A Part In Peloton’s Rapid Response To The Recent ‘And Just Like That’ Kerfuffle

WARNING: Spoilers for the series premiere of And Just Like That… below.

Following last week’s And Just Like That… fiasco, which involved beloved Sex and the City character Mr. Big (Chris Noth) dying of a heart attack after working out on his Peloton, the exercise company kicked into overdrive after its stock price took an immediate dip after the series premiere. Much to the internet’s amusement, Peloton was reportedly not aware that its bike would be at the center of a major character’s death, and the company scrambled to release a statement claiming that Mr. Big’s lifestyle was the cause of death and, in fact, using a Peloton probably extended his life.

However, Peloton didn’t stop there. The company rapidly busted out a new ad featuring Noth that proclaimed “He’s Alive” while a familiar-sounding narrator promoted the health benefits of using a Peloton. Turns out that narrator is none other than Ryan Reynolds who helped produce the ad in an insanely short amount of time. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Peloton produced the spot with Reynolds’ marketing company, Maximum Effort, in just 48 hours. Peloton is part of the recently launched Creative-as-a-Subscription (CaaS) service from Maximum Effort’s parent company, MNTN, which helped speed up the ad’s production process.

The ad also features Peloton trainer Allegra (Jess King) who appeared with Mr. Big on And Just Like That…, which raises all kinds of questions. Did he really die? Is he in Peloton Heaven? Is Mr. Big and/or the entire cast Sex and the City part of the Deadpool universe now? The Matrix Resurrections barely has this many twists and turns.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)