Penn Jillette Apologizes For Calling Newfoundland ‘Stupid’ On ‘Real Time’ And Says He Was Wrong

Chatty Magician Penn Jillette would like to apologize for insulting the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador on Real Time with Bill Maher. Well, just the Newfoundland bit anyway. We can explain.

On Friday’s Real Time, Jillette joked about Newfoundland roots and what they might do to one’s intelligence.

“I’m probably from Newfoundland, which is just a euphemism for stupid,” said Jillette. “All of those people up in the frozen North that club seals, those are my people.”

The comment didn’t exactly spark fiery Great Big Sea soundtracked riots in Little Corner Brooks across America, but Newfoundland wasn’t happy about it. In Canada, Newfoundlanders (or “Newfies” depending on who you talk to) have been saddled with the stereotype of being dumb. It’s a trope that’s been around for ages and one not received warmly. Canadian comedian Mark Critch (who appears on the Daily Show-esque CBC program This Hour Has 22 Minutes) was one of hundreds that took exception with Jillette’s remark.

Jillette has issued a steady stream of apologies on Twitter for the Newfoundland comments (he says it was part of a bit that never got in motion) and says his attempt at self-deprecation was a total disaster.

“I LOVED doing Real Time and had a blast and then badly screwed up on a failed set up for a bit about my family in Newfoundland,” he tweeted. “I’m so sorry.”

Here’s hoping Newfoundland and Penn Jillette have sorted things out.

(Via CTV News)