People Are Having A Field Day With The Unsubtle Name Change For ‘Pennyworth’ (A Show That They’re Surprised To Learn Exists)

Heading into its third season, Pennyworth has made the jump from Epix to HBO Max and with that move comes a name change that has people laughing their butts off on social media. The show is now titled, Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler, just to make it clear that the prequel series is about the famous butler who works for Batman.

The name change was revealed in the Season 3 trailer where it looks like things are going to pop off for Alfred and Batman’s parents, who are also in the show, but apparently didn’t merit a mention in the title. Maybe next season! Via IGN:

The official plot synopsis for Season Three, which will run ten episodes, reveals a new time period and how things have changed since viewers last saw Alfred and the Waynes: “Season three of the psychological thriller begins after a five-year time jump: the civil war is over, and a cultural revolution has changed the world for better or worse – ushering in a new age of Super Heroes and Supervillains.”

Considering Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler isn’t the most subtle for a TV series, people have been dunking on the name change on Twitter as well as reacting to the fact that the show not only exists, but somehow has been running for three whole seasons. Then again, it’s now a DC Comics project on HBO Max, which is not the safest place to be these days.

You can see some of the Pennyworth reactions below:

(Via IGN)