Watch Pete Davidson Show Off His Apartment In His Mom’s Basement For Netflix

Pete Davidson’s first Netflix stand-up special, Alive from New York, dropped on Tuesday, and though the show, at least partially filled with jokes about when he dated Ariana Grande, handily made the service’s newly public daily Top 10, it wasn’t until Thursday that the streamer premiered what seems like a special advertorial clip. As caught by Entertainment Weekly, it’s essentially their own version of MTV’s Cribs, the show that dropped in on famous people’s oft-lavish homes, allowing them plenty of time to show off all their cool, usually cartoonishly expensive stuff. Davidson, meanwhile, lives with his mom in her Staten Island basement.

Mind you, it’s a very large basement, in what looks like a very large home, paid for with money from the popular show he seemed to suggest he was fed up with. The comic serves as typically self-effacing guide to his nicely renovated, dry wall-heavy abode, which he had built, he says, “to say away from f*cking people.”

The basement teems with stuff, some of it he received for free, basically for being a famous person. The pièce de résistance? An Uncut Gems basketball. Not quite a pièce de résistance? A Shaq shoe, which he admits is hidden behind a stuffed alien he calls “Kevin.” He also owns a lot of SpongeBob clothing, from sweaters to shoes, which he admits “you can’t f*cking wear with anything.”

He also laments his single life with his mom in close proximity, saying, “This is the bedroom where nothing really happens because I live with my f*cking mom,” and while he calls his bathroom a “porno bathroom,” he admits he’s yet to use it for such purposes: “It’s really hard to, too, when your mom’s upstairs cooking and being like, ‘Dinner’s ready’ and you’re like [unintelligible noise].”

It’s classic Pete Davidson, teeming in self-deprecation that thinly masks realy despair. He admits at the end to doing better, and is even hopeful that Netflix will have him back — “in four years.”

Alive in New York now streams on Netflix.

(Via EW)