Pete Davidson Hints At His ‘SNL’ Exit: ‘I’m Ready To Hang Up The Jersey’

Pete Davidson has somehow been on SNL for seven years (!), and after some growing pains, he finally feels comfortable and happy on the long-running sketch series.

“I was at a really different place a year or two ago,” he said in a Hollywood Reporter roundtable interview with, among others, Ted Danson, Lamorne Morris, and his fellow SNL cast member, Chris Redd. “I’m not exactly proud of how I handled or was handling things a few years ago. Looking back on it, you’re like, ‘Ahh, come on, dude.’ Luckily a pandemic happened and I got kicked in the balls and had to sit with all of my immature irrational decisions.” Davidson said he was “really excited” when SNL came back during the pandemic and that he was “really excited just to work and see people and I had a different outlook for this season and moving forward. I think I’ve been able to have a lot of fun and I just really appreciate it — not working at all really sucks.”

Later on, Danson praised Davidson for being “dangerous”:

“Pete, I just have to say I love funny, which you are, but you’ve got an edge of danger in you that I find fantastic to watch, to know that I’m going to laugh but also be a little nervous… I wish I had that. I’m your run-of-the-mill nice actor. You’re dangerous and I love that. I love watching you.”

The Suicide Squad star was also asked about whether he was any intention of trying to top Kenan Thompson’s record-setting 18 season run on SNL. “I’m good. I’m surprised I made it to seven. I’m ready to hang up the jersey. Kenan’s like f*cking Karl Malone out there,” he replied. Between this comment and the season finale, which felt like a goodbye for both Davidson and Cecily Strong, it would be a surprise to see Chad again.

If Ted Danson gave me a compliment, I’d be ready to leave, too. It doesn’t get much better than that.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)