Piers Morgan Got Dragged For Declaring That ‘Succession’ Sucks Without ‘Hot Sizzling Meat’ Brian Cox

Piers Morgan just delivered a hot take for the ages. Despite the latest episode of Succession sparking demand for Sarah Snook and Matthew Macfadyen to score Emmy nominations for their brutal balcony fight scene, Morgan thinks the show is lacking after shockingly killing off Logan Roy only three episodes into the final season.

In an oddly worded tweet, Morgan praised Brian Cox as the show’s “hot sizzling meat” and complained that the hit HBO series is suffering without him.

“Succession without Logan Roy sucks,” Morgan tweeted. “Got to Ep 7 and really struggling to maintain interest. It’s become vegan TV … missing the hot sizzling meat.”

Naturally, Morgan’s tweets was quickly pounced on by Succession fans who have been enjoying the new dynamic that Logan’s absence brings to the final season. With the media mogul gone, Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Shiv (Snook) have been forced to fill their father’s shoes, and it’s been a disaster every step of the way.

The three can’t stop betraying each other through self-serving backroom deals, tenuous alliances, and in the case of Kendall, a deep-ceded penchant for self-betrayal. The dramatic tension has been peak Succession, and fans wasted no time calling out Morgan for crying about a lack of “hot meat.”

You can see Morgan get roasted for his bad Succession take below:

(Via Piers Morgan on Twitter)