Piers Morgan Admits He Was So Obsessed With Trashing Meghan Markle That He ‘Forgot To Publicly Wish My Wife Celia A Happy Birthday’

Piers Morgan may not have devoted the entirety of his Thursday to thinking about Meghan Markle, but let’s get real because this is a royal fanboy who stormed off a TV set while arguing about her Oprah interview. It’s safe to assume that Piers devoted a hefty chunk of his Thursday waking moments to trouncing Meghan and raining a barrage of complaints upon Harry & Meghan on Netflix.

The Fox Nation host live-tweeted his responses to the first three episodes of the Netflix docuseries. He was somehow riveted yet still tweet-shouting, “God, they’re so boring! #HarryandMeghanNetflix.” He then whipped up a review (published for The Sun) of what he called a “WHINE-A-THON.” He also breathlessly bashes Meghan’s every move, years after he freely admitted that she “ghosted” him after a date.

Well, Thursday also happened to be the birthday of his wife, Celia Waldon. They tied the knot back in 2010, and Piers kinda-sorta did not mention anything about the special day. Sure, not everyone cares too much about birthdays, but Piers was so laser-sharp focused on Meghan all day that, yes, it’s funny as hell. And apparently, Piers finally had enough of seeing people remind him of his omission and addressed the subject.

“All the trolls raging that I only criticise Meghan Markle because I ‘fancied’ her & then got upset when she ghosted me,” Piers tweeted. “[H]ave reminded me that I forgot to publicly wish my wife Celia a happy birthday yesterday.” He then added (along with an emoji), “And yes, she knows she lucked out…”

Piers Morgan on Twitter
Via Piers Morgan on Twitter

Oh boy. Don’t be too surprised if we see photos of Piers ducking out of a jewelry store or clutching flowers over this one.

There’s a lot of rent-free time in Piers’ head when it comes to not only Meghan but Prince Harry, who Piers recently branded a “d*ckhead” because he dared to write a memoir that will publish in 2023. That also happens to be King Charles’ coronation ceremony year, and Piers seems to believe that Harry scheduled the book to upstage his dad. Yet Spare will publish in January, and the coronation is scheduled for… May.

Piers is not only a disliker of Meghan but a staunch defender of most things royal, so he really had a field day on Thursday. Hopefully, Celia still managed to have a nice birthday (at a spa or something).