Seth Rogen Confirms Some Good News About ‘Preacher’ Season Three

All it took was a single tweet for Preacher fans to have their prayers for another season answered on Thursday.

Series co-developer and executive producer Seth Rogen shared the news via Twitter that Preacher would return for season 3. A promo image with a big ol’ “RETURNS 2018” slapped on it serves as a helpful visual aide. With AMC parting ways with shows like Halt and Catch Fire and Turn, the wait for renewal news must have been extra uncomfortable. Plus, there was that finale to leave things off on.

Soft confirmation of a third season appeared to come over the summer when The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that the series had already filed the necessary paperwork for another run of episodes. If the schedule outlined at the time stays the same, that means principal photography will begin January 2018 and an overall schedule that suggests another summer premiere. The budget is said to be roughly $70 million this go-around, a slight increase over season 2’s $67 million budget for 13 episodes. Essentially, it sounds like we can expect (approximately) the same number of episodes for season 3.

Seeing as we have a bit of a wait between seasons, now’s a good time revisit some of Preacher‘s best easter eggs from season 2.