Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Have Signed A Huge Deal With Netflix For TV, Films And More

At the top of this year, Prince Andrew and Meghan Markle went under a bit of a life makeover, mostly stepping down from their duties as members of the Royal Family and reimagining themselves as Hollywood players. Nearly nine months after moving to Los Angeles and quietly shopping around ideas, the two have finally made it: As per The New York Times, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have inked a massive deal with Netflix.

When it was first reported that the two semi-ex-royals were pitching around Hollywood, it was believed they were touting some mysterious TV project. Now we know that they were far more ambitious. Their Netflix deal which will include not only TV, but also movies, documentaries, even children’s programming. There are currently no details on what any of these individual projects will entail, but perhaps a revival of Markle’s old TV show Suits is on the docket?

When Prince Andrew and his Los Angeles-born wife left England, the portmanteau-loving press and social media dubbed it “Megxit.” Their reasons for relocating may have been less amusing; Markle was routinely attacked and condescended to by the British press, who weren’t above making comments about her being mixed-race. Markle is an outspoken feminist and Prince Andrew often champions progressive platforms, including environmentalism, so that may give you some idea of the many things they’ll be bringing to Netflix in the not-so-distant future.

(Via NYT)