So Much More Than Dwight: 13 Times Rainn Wilson Played Total Weirdos Before ‘The Office’

01.20.15 4 years ago 20 Comments
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Rainn Wilson knows that he has Dwight K. Schrute to thank for his starring roles in offbeat comedies like The Rocker and Super. His role as Dunder Mifflin’s smarmy Assistant to the Regional Manager on The Office boosted the actor’s popularity almost overnight. But what about before Dwight?

The actor is celebrating his 49th birthday today and has a new series — Backstorm — where he plays an antisocial and cynical detective premiering January 22. (Based on the character description, the guy would probably get along great with Dwight.) To gear up for Backstorm, let’s take a look at Wilson’s roles playing various weirdos before he became engaged in a never-ending prank war with Jim Halpert in 2005.

1. One Life To Live, Casey Keegan — 1997

2. Galaxy Quest, Lahnk — 1999



3. The Expendables, Newman — 1999


USA Network

4. Almost Famous, David Felton — 2000


Columbia Pictures

5. Charmed, Kierkan — 2001
“Coyote Piper”


Paramount Pictures

6. Dark Angel, Phil — 2001
“I and I am a Camera”



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