Rambo Is Coming To TV And He’s Bringing The Son No One Knew About With Him

No matter where he is, Sylvester Stallone always finds himself going back to the old jungles. According to Deadline, Stallone and Fox have signed a development deal for the new television series Rambo: New Blood. Although there’s no definitive confirmation that the actor will reprise his iconic role, the series will focus on the relationship between Rambo and his son J.R., who up until this point has never been seen or mentioned in the previous four Rambo films.

Continuing the series after the fourth film so perfectly brought the character full circle by finally bringing him back home might be considered questionable. However, with the recently released Creed thrilling critics and audiences after Rocky Balboa nicely “ended” that series, perhaps it’s best to give Stallone and company the benefit of the doubt on this one. There’s also the matter of Rambo’s son entering the picture out of nowhere, and with Stallone’s return to his role up in the air, it’s unclear whether J.R. will simply be retconned into the existing movies or if the show will take on its own continuity.

Rambo has been seen on the small screen before in the animated kids show Rambo: The Force of Freedom, but New Blood will be the character’s first foray into live-action television. Die Hard screenwriter Jeb Stuart will be writing the show, which will be produced by Millennium Films and Entertainment One.

Source: Deadline