Ramy Youssef Revealed The Surreal Thing That Happens When You Lose During The Virtual Emmys

The Emmys may have started with a literal garbage fire, but things went extremely well for one group: the cast and creators of Schitt’s Creek. The beloved comedy bid farewell to the world by walking away with nine Emmys, including Outstanding Comedy Series and all four main actors. (Dan Levy himself also won for writing and directing, making so many speeches he eventually started apologizing.) Good for Schitt’s Creek! And bad for all the people at non-Schitt’s Creek shows who lost those coveted awards.

One of them was Ramy Youssef, star and co-creator of Hulu’s Ramy, who started 2020 by winning the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy. He was also Emmy-nominated for actor and director, both of which he lost to Eugene Levy’s son. It’s a bad break, but he had a fun way of responding, showing the surreal thing that happens when you lose.

So…is that real? It was revealed earlier in the show that people are there with Emmy statues to give the winners in person (with hazmat suits). But it seems that the winners are such a secret that people are sent to every nominee, just in case? We guess? If that’s the case, then that’s a bizarre job, and it’s kind of cruel to the losing nominees. Of course, if that’s so, there are worse things going on right now than not winning an Emmy.