‘Rick And Morty’ Take On ‘Ex Machina’ And ‘The Thing’ In New Claymation Shorts

Rick And Morty fans currently live in a land of pain and uncertainty. After two excellent seasons of the cartoon, Adult Swim refuses to confirm when the show is going to return. This has led to all sorts of internet detective work from harassing Rick And Morty co-creator Dan Harmon during his recent Reddit AMA to trying to determine timelines based on tweets from the writing staff.

None of this is getting the show back to us any sooner, but we have to give Adult Swim some credit: they’ve given us more in-between season content than most networks would. There was the insanely addictive Pocket Mortys mobile game that came out in January, and a soon to be released virtual reality experience. Now they’ve released five claymation shorts (so far) following ‘the non-canonical adventures’ of Rick And Morty.

The clips, which run about fifteen seconds each, play off of classic science fiction and horror movies The Thing, Ex Machina, Halloween, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, and The Fly. If you’ve spent a dazed half awake evening on the couch with Adult Swim playing in the background, there’s a chance you’ve caught one or two of these during commercials. But now you can watch them all below!

Hey, it’s not season three of Rick And Morty. But it’s something.

(via The AV Club)