Dan Harmon Has No Kind Words For McDonald’s Or ‘Rick And Morty’ Fans Over The Szechuan Sauce Debacle

Adult Swim

While Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon had some fun with Szechuan sauce from McDonald’s on the season three premiere of Rick And Morty, the bedlam that followed likely wasn’t on their minds at the time. Not only did McDonald’s take the sauce and run with it, sending Roiland his own special batch and giving away a few others — one going to Deadmau5 — they also made a special run of “the sauce” as a special giveaway to folks who made it to a certain restaurant before the supplies ran out.

This didn’t go well, there was a lot of shouting, and plenty confused employees questioning why they didn’t drive a little farther to get an application at Wendy’s instead. The incidents and reactions to the stunt got a lot of press, but none of it got any sort of kickback to the creator of Rick And Morty according to Dan Harmon at Tribeca. In a chat with Vulture, the Community creator made it clear he and the others on the show were disconnected from the Szechuan push:

“I know we didn’t ask for their permission to put their food in our cartoon. But it was mutual. It’s weird to get mugged by McDonald’s. It’s kind of an honor…”

Mugged by McDonald’s might be the best way to describe any experience at the restaurant, but particularly the bad ones. Harmon also didn’t shine a positive light on the fans of Rick And Morty either, something that is sure not to sit well with them considering the topic of discussion:

“I wouldn’t wish that show’s fans on any fast-food restaurant. I think everybody got what they deserved all around.”

The employees at the McDonald’s probably didn’t deserve what they got, but Harmon’s point is clear. It also isn’t much of a surprise given Harmon’s comments about certain parts of Rick And Morty’s fanbase in the past.

Anyway, the fact that McDonald’s and Adult Swim didn’t get together on this seems odd. The sauce is a little underwhelming on its own, but slap a Cornvelious Daniel image on the front of your sauce packet and it’s back to being amazing.

(Via Vulture / Indiewire)