‘Rick And Morty’ Fans Were Left Wishing For An Alternate Universe In Which McDonald’s Had Enough Szechuan Sauce For All


Today, Rick and Morty fans lined up at McDonald’s locations across the country just so they could dunk some buttermilk crispy tenders into the increasingly-mythical Szechuan sauce. The one-day-only event featuring the discontinued dip was such a success, it left fans wishing for an alternate universe in which McDonald’s didn’t underestimate the ridiculous amount of enthusiasm for the sauce.

Who knew a former McNuggets condiment that shared so much DNA with Sweet and Sour it would only last for a limited time would become a weird collector’s item thanks to a nihilistic cartoon? The best answer is: Don’t think about it.

The response by Rick and Morty fans who waited for hours in line only to walk away empty-handed (or with maybe some burgers in their hands) ranged from genuinely upset at the Golden Arches for not having the sauce or having a small supply, to just being in awe of the weirdness of the situation.

A lack of Szechuan sauce made people very upset. This is peak 2017.


A few people got the elusive sauce, and now they’re doing what any worthwhile human should do when in possession of the most coveted dip in the world — eat some of it and show it off on social media.