‘Rick And Morty’ Has Its Own Image And GIF Database Thanks To The Team Behind The ‘Simpsons’ Cataloguing Frinkiac

08.05.17 10 months ago

Adult Swim

Rick and Morty obsessives have now been blessed with a new way to get Schwifty. Take that, your punk-ass free time! It’s Rick and Morty’s time now.

Paul Kehrer, Sean Schulte, and Allie Young, the trio that gave us the Simpsons-obsessed Frinkiac database and its DOOP-approved Futurama counterpart Morbotron, have knocked out a special place on the internet where you can grab any Rick & Morty image or gif you might desire. Dubbed Master of all Science, the database has every moment nestled away (with a minor delay expected between new episodes) and can be accessed whenever you wish.

“We’ve been quiet on the Frinkiac and Morbotron front for awhile, but today we’re introducing the newest member of the CompuGlobalHyperMegaCap family: Master of All Science,” trumpeted Keher on the site’s launch. “GIF and meme your way to happines1 with all the tools you’ve come to expect from our sites, but now with Rick & Morty! We’ve got every episode aired to date conveniently indexed so even an idiot like Jerry can find what they’re looking for. Learn important facts like Pluto is a cold, cold celestial dwarf, buy some turbulent juice while watching ball fondlers, or just listen to it feels good while you purge! You’ll be like a god, the infinite Rick.”

It’s a pursuit that is worth its weight in Szechuan sauce.

(Via AV Club)

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