A ‘Simpsons’ Fan Tests Whether One Of Bart’s Best Pranks Is Possible

04.20.17 11 months ago 3 Comments

In the season eight finale of The Simpsons, “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson,” Bart discovers dozens of megaphones during a class trip to the Springfield Police Department. Naturally, he does what any 10-year-old who previously put moth balls in the beef stew would do: line the devices up, and yell “testing.” The feedback is so significant — and loud — that windows break and beer bottles shatter from miles away. Bart’s prank gets him sent to military school, unlike in real life, where the same stunt earns millions of views.

On his YouTube page, Kevin Kohler, also known as the Backyard Scientist, admitted that he’s “always wondered what would happen if you lined up 10 megaphones in a row and yell into them,” so that’s what he did. The “Bart Simpson Megaphone Challenge” is initially a dud — when they’re in a row on a table, one megaphone makes as much noise as 10 megaphones to someone holding a sound-level meter about 100 feet away. But once the bullhorns are in a circle on the ground, well, it’s much louder and much more annoying.

Unfortunately, there were no visible sound waves, and no parrots went crazy during the sonic experiment, but that’s just as well for Kohler. Now he can prepare for his next challenge: why can’t Moe find Amanda Hugginkiss?

(Via Laughing Squid)

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