‘Rick And Morty Vs. Genocider’ Is A Beautifully Weird Anime Road Trip

Comic Con At Home already gave Rick and Morty fans a first look at Season 5, but that’s not all of the fun show-related video content revealed this weekend. Saturday night saw an eight-minute animated short directed by Takeshi Sano and made by Telecom Animation film.

The anime short — Rick and Morty vs. Genocider has Morty on an adventure in Tokyo to stop the aforementioned Genocider. “Nothing weird happens,” says the description for the video on YouTube. But, of course, some extremely weird things happen. But before we get to the story, you have to appreciate the beautiful animation.

Adult Swim on YouTube

Morty is asked by the Council to travel to Japan and stop the Genocider from attacking Ricks and Mortys in an attempt to find the main Rick, Rick C137. There’s a lot of sitting in traffic, and things of course go sideways as soon as Morty is left on his own. It’s probably best you just watch it for yourself to take in the oddness of it all, but it’s yet another sign that we’ll get a lot more Rick and Morty in the future than we have had in the immediate past. It’s also another faithfully done dive into anime that proves its universe truly does have endless possibilities.