Rita Wilson Rapping To Biz Markie At The Emmys Has Melted Everyone’s Brains

The Emmys had to do things a bit differently last year. The pandemic was in full swing, vaccines were still a ways away, and everyone had to stay home, accepting awards in their basements while wearing jammies (or kimonos). The show was back to in-person this year, and right away things seemed….weird. Few could have expected, for instance, to ever see Rita Wilson rapping.

The show kicked off with a group musical number, in which they effectively reflected on how much television everyone watched in lockdown. Led by host Cedric the Entertainer and a dancer wearing a TV for a head, members of the crowd stood up to rap about loving their television sets over the beat to “Just a Friend,” the classic song by the late rapper Biz Markie. LL Cool J did a verse. So did Dave’s Lil Dicky. As did, improbably, for some reason, Rita Wilson.

It was an absurdly Mad Libs-y moment, and to some, it seemed like a bad omen.

It left others scratching their heads.

Some were worried that rap might not survive it.


A lot of people made jokes about Chet Hanks, her son, and an actual (well, kind of) rapper.


There were assorted jokes.


But Wilson actually rapped earlier, on the red carpet.

Alas, Rita Wilson rapping to Biz Markie wasn’t the only surreal at the Emmys.