The CW Taps ‘Riverdale’ For A Second Season Of Death, Hookups And Other Standard ‘Archie’ Activities

Just like how classmates (and teachers with a secret) swoon over Archie Andrews, so to have viewers swooned over The CW’s new school-set offering Riverdale. Not that this was ever a mystery of Jason Blossomesque proportions, but the show’s future has gotten a big boost from the network.

The CW has declared that a second season of the Archie Comics inspired series is a go for the 2017-18 season. The early renewal makes Riverdale the only freshman drama to get the greenlight for another go-around so far this season. The series has enjoyed glowing reviews and pulls in young viewers (albeit sometimes in delayed numbers) so there wasn’t too much danger of Riverdale getting axed. The question now shifts to whether or not we could see these peppy-yet-haunted teens on the fall schedule.

Riverdale syncs up rather nicely with The CW’s image. It’s youth-focused, not tailor-made for Big 4 accessibility and breeds obsessive viewing. (Comics have done pretty well around these parts, don’t cha know.) The main obstacle for Riverdale now is not suffering from an early burnout. There’s nothing from the show’s end suggesting that such a thing is in store, it’s just the nature of buzzworthy beast. Don’t go on tour is probably the best piece of advice.