Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas Will Guest Star On Rob Thomas’ ‘iZombie’

Rob Thomas Melbourne Racist Joke
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Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas will be making a guest appearance on the TV show iZombie, and we know what you’re thinking: What about Sinbad? Also, how did this even come together?

The executive producer of the CW drama series also happens to be named Rob Thomas (with the two often being mistaken for one another). So, Thomas did the only thing that makes sense: ask Matchbox Thomas to appear on the season two finale of iZombie, as well as sing the show’s theme song.

“I just sent him a message saying, ‘Is there any chance you’d be willing to do this? And if you’d be willing to do it, we’d love you to actually appear in the finale and play a song,'” TV Thomas told TV Insider about getting Matchbox Thomas to star on the show. “And he was great. I think he answered within an hour, an hour and a half. He was coming back from a tour in Australia, so the only thing was if we could make the dates work. Luckily, we were able to.”

Thomas will play himself at a prison-themed Super Max party on the April 12 season finale. Check out a video we did with iZombie Thomas last year at DC All Access, below.

(Via TV Insider)