Ranking Roger’s 10 Most Memorable Disguises On ‘American Dad’

One of the best parts of American Dad is Roger‘s many, many disguises. He’s been everything from a Bond Villain to an Olympic Gold Medal-winning hockey player. Today, let’s look at the ten most memorable of Roger’s glorious personas.

10. Legman

One half of the legendary detective duo Wheels and The Legman! He has to take any case you offer him as long as you say a word with “leg” in it, and he’s been known too look through windows with binoculars — it’s in four of his online dating profile pictures, you know what this was!

9. Martin Sugar

Rest assured that nepotism played no role in Martin Sugar making the list. Besides, who couldn’t love this guy? He’s so charming he almost gets away with running a sweatshop! Martin Sugar rests, y’all!

8. Chex LeMeneux

The heart of the 1980 U.S. Men’s Olympic Hockey Team. Unfortunately, he was on steroids the whole time, which leads to Stan — his biggest fan — becoming deeply disillusioned. Hey, he couldn’t go on the ice without his Uncle Roy… d.

7. Sweeps McCulloch

A TV exec who really loves cocaine, so much that it makes oe of his eyes burst out! Maybe there is a downside to that drug after all.

6. Sidney Huffman

This persona was particularly notable to actually split off from Roger and take on a life of it’s own. He’s a Jimmy Stewart-esque teetotaler who works in a Bible factory, and cares deeply for his dim-witted department store clerk girlfriend. Basically, the opposite of everything the real Roger stands for.

5. Horse Renoir

The bastard son of a prostitute and whore. If you think you can take his bounty, you are sorely mistaken, my friend.

4. Roy Rogers McFreely

He rules the Homeowner’s Association with an iron fist, deeply disturbing the Upper Middle Class Bosom of Langley Falls. Plus, he could dance to “El Perro” like nobody’s business.

3. Jenny Fromdabloc

Roger said that this was one of his greatest personas, and it’s hard to disagree. He tricks Snot into thinking he’s lost his virginity by using a stressball, then has what might be the best fake death in the history of television.

2. Tearjerker

The best fake bond villain of all-time. Who could forget his immortal scheme to make all of Earth cry themselves to death while watching “Oscar Gold,” a movie about a mentally handicapped alcoholic in a concentration camp. Actually, I’m stunned Hollywood hasn’t stolen that idea.

1. Ricky Spanish

Roger’s scariest persona of all time — whom all of Langley Falls has it in for — takes the top spot. Just the theme music alone — Ricky Spanish — made it pretty much impossible to pick anyone else.