Roku And Google Have Squashed Their Feud By Reaching A ‘Multi-Year’ Deal That Will Keep YouTube Apps On The Platform

In a last-minute move, Roku and Google have finally reached an agreement that will allow the YouTube and YouTube TV apps to remain on the streaming platform as part of a “multi-year carriage extension.” A current deal between the two companies was due to expire on December 9, but with less than 24 hours remaining, both sides were able to squash a long-running dispute that almost resulted in Google removing its popular apps from all Roku devices. (The tech giant had already pulled YouTube TV from the Roku Channel Store earlier in the year.)

Via Deadline:

“We’re happy to share that we’ve reached a deal with Roku to continue distributing the YouTube and YouTube TV apps on Roku devices,” a YouTube rep said. “This means that Roku customers will continue to have access to YouTube and that the YouTube TV app will once again be available in the Roku store for both new and existing members. We are pleased to have a partnership that benefits our mutual users.”

As of this writing, financial terms were not disclosed, but Roku has long-maintained that revenue was not its concern during the fight with Google. Starting in 2019, Roku had become increasingly vocal about accusing Google of making “disturbing” demands in regards to search results. Roku accused Google of wanting YouTube results to have “preference over other content providers” as well as demanding access to customer data. Google hit back and accused of having “unreasonable” expectations about how apps run on streaming platforms.

Fortuantely, the two parties were able to come to an agreement and just under the wire.

(Via Deadline)