Rosario Dawson Very Quietly Celebrated Ahsoka Tano’s ‘Mandalorian’ Debut On Twitter

The latest episode of The Mandalorian revealed lots of secrets, some of which were expected and others coming as a complete surprise to fans. Rosario Dawson’s highly-anticipated debut as Ahsoka Tano on The Mandalorian, for example, has finally happened. It’s a slight spoiler, of course, but Tano appears seconds into the latest episode of the Disney+ episode and features heavily in the plot.

And quite frankly, it’s not much of a surprise to anyone paying attention that both Dawson was cast in the role and that Tano appeared in Season 2. The latter became a plot point of interest earlier in the season, and casting rumors had Dawson very publicly not denying it earlier in 2020. Unfortunately for her, the news was truly never made official until she appeared on screen in Chapter 13, which hit the streaming service on Friday.

Which is perhaps why she celebrated her live-action debut as Ahsoka Tano with a very subtle message on Twitter. The actress who was heavily rumored to bring the Clone Wars animated star to life got to finally share the good news on Twitter, though Dawson opted for a much more subtle celebration than you might expect given all the excitement around it.

The message she retweeted the video with was simple, but it was fitting: it’s a Jedi classic and also (spoilers) was the last line she said to Mando (real name Din Djarin) and The Child (real name Grogu) before the two parties departed at the end of the episode.

Given the importance of Tano is the Star Wars universe and the unanswered questions left by another big revelation from the episode, it’s likely this isn’t the last thing we ever hear Dawson say in character. But it was an electric debut of a role many, including herself, hoped she would one day bring to life. And judging by the reaction from hundreds of fans celebrating the episode in reply to that tweet, it’s something that’s made a lot of people happy this holiday season.