Roseanne Barr Is Still Blaming Sara Gilbert For ‘Roseanne’ Getting Canceled

Roseanne Barr has yet to speak out on Shane Gillis’ dismissal from SNL, even though she (and her “Mr. and Mrs. America” tour partner, Andrew Dice Clay) seem like someone who has a lot to say about so-called “cancel culture.” Speaking of getting canceled: Roseanne! The sitcom was sacked by ABC in 2018 (only to return as The Conners) following Roseanne’s “abhorrent” comments on Twitter, but according to Barr, it wasn’t her tweet about Valerie Jarrett that got her fired — it was Sara Gilbert’s response:

Barr criticized former co-star Sara Gilbert [during an interview with DailyMailTV], and said she was particularly bothered by Gilbert’s tweet last year saying Barr’s post about Jarrett was “abhorrent.”

“That’s the tweet that got the show canceled,” Barr insisted about Gilbert’s post… “When somebody just doesn’t care how their actions affect you, what’s there to talk about?” she said, adding that she doesn’t talk to anyone from the show.

Barr, who doesn’t watch The Conners, called ABC firing her “an excuse to steal my life’s work. When it happened, it was like I thought I was gonna lose my life. It was devastating and horrible and is unprecedented too that they would do that to me… It was a perfect storm. That’s what I think, just the perfect storm at the perfect time. Kind of a little bit too perfect. Sometimes I think, was this orchestrated? The whole thing?”

The Conners — which doesn’t have Roseanne, but it does have the Blues Brothers 2000 reunion no one was asking for — returns next week, on September 24.

(Via DailyMailTV and Deadline)