‘Roseanne’ Revival Reactions Are Largely Positive Despite The Controversial Star


Roseanne is the latest classic to get a rebooted treatment, and many are curious to see how one of America’s most relatable families feels in a new century (will they completely ignore the insane last season?). While reviews have been largely positive — our own Alan Sepinwall is confident that the show justifies its existence in the first few episodes — would viewers flock to the warm cackle that defined the show in its original era? Or would they be too turned off by the controversial star, Roseanne Barr, who has spouted political views that make even her costars uncomfortable.

Turns out, fans on Twitter were pretty mixed. Some welcomed the return of the Connors with open arms, settling back into the signature couch and enjoying the callbacks, winking jokes, and more timely references.

However, some were unable to separate the art from the artist, soured by Barr’s vocal Trump support.

To be fair, this is how she chose to start her livetweet, proving that she welcomes the controversy.

Politics aside, it seems like fans are more than happy to welcome the show back to their screens in 2018. If the creative team manages to skewer both sides of the political aisle while focusing on the more emotional family moments, Roseanne just might deserve to be here.