‘The Walking Dead’ Star Ross Marquand On The Many Voices Of Ross Marquand

Unless you were paying very close attention to a 2013 episode of Mad Men where Ross Marquand played Paul Newman, the actor probably didn’t enter your orbit until early 2015, when he was cast in The Walking Dead as Aaron, a pivotal character in the series. Aaron, of course, introduced Rick Grimes and the rest of the survivors to Alexandria, while The Walking Dead introduced us to Marquand.

The Walking Dead may have been the breakthrough role for Marquand, but it was his talent for impressions that’s since made him an Internet sensation. A few of us first took notice of Marquand when he delivered a spectacular recap of one of his The Walking Dead episodes as Matthew McConaughey, but it was his celebrity nano-impressions earlier this year that immediately caught fire. That led to another impressive set of nano-impressions for Jimmy Kimmel Live! a few months later.

Marquand was generous enough to talk with Uproxx about his surging popularity both on The Walking Dead (where he is unfortunately one of 11 people on the chopping block in the seventh season premiere), and on the Internet, where his impressions have taken social media by storm.