Ruby Rose Opens Up About Her ‘Really, Really Terrifying’ Stunt Injury That Almost Left Her Paralyzed

Over the weekend, Batwoman star Ruby Rose shared a graphic video of her recent surgery procedure after a stunt nearly left her quadriplegic. The actress followed that up on Monday night with a visit to The Tonight Show, where she discussed her ordeal from suffering two herniated discs that were precariously close to severing her spinal cord. She felt chronic pain and lost sensation in her arms for months, and while speaking with Jimmy Fallon, she explained how the Batwoman stunt initially indicated a broken rib, but soon enough, she realized that something much more was amiss.

As the Meg actress explained, the entire experience was “really, really terrifying,” understandably so, but the experience forced her to slow down and examine her priorities. In other words, she needed to realize that she’s actually not the Gotham superhero that she plays:

“I wasn’t paying attention to my body, I wasn’t listening. I was in such a hurry to get everything done. I was like, Batwoman, yes to the pilot. And now I’m going to do this film. I’m going to come back, we’re going to pick up the series. But I just wasn’t listening, and I think that was the world’s of saying like, ‘You’re going to have to pay attention and you’re going to have to slow down and you’re not actually a superhero and you need to get some priorities straight.'”

Indeed, it sounds like a close call, given that her doctors warned that even rolling over in the wrong direction while sleeping could have led to tragedy. Fortunately, Ruby Rose is on the road to recovery, and Batwoman premieres on Sunday, October 6.