People Are Cheering ‘The Masked Singer’ Judge Ken Jeong For Walking Off The Stage After Rudy Giuliani Debased Himself (Yet Again)

In early February, the word spread that Rudy Giuliani had been unmasked as a performer on Fox’s The Masked Singer—and that not everyone involved with the hit reality series had taken the reveal very well. Reports surfaced that judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke in particular were so incensed by the cheap ratings grab that both walked off the stage in protest, leaving many to wonder whether Giuliani would be cut out of the season altogether.

On Thursday night, viewers got their answer when the disgraced former New York City mayor was unmasked as a jackass-in-the-box. While The Masked Singer creator Wonwoo Park has very publicly stuck by his decision to both invite Giuliani onto the show and to leave the episode (mostly) intact, Jeong and Thicke did not agree. And while Thicke’s walk offstage did not make it onto the final broadcast, Jeong’s did—and many people are praising the doctor-turned-comedian for his decision to declare “I’m done” once Rudy began belting out the world’s worst rendition of “Bad to the Bone” and extricate himself from the situation.

While Jeong’s quiet protest received both positive and negative buzz online, the majority of people seemed to agree with the judge’s decision to not celebrate a man who has been the loudest champion of overturning the 2020 election. You can see just a smattering of those pro-Jeong reactions below.