An Early Version Of ‘Russian Doll’ Featured Jordan Peele As A Love Interest (Plus Alfred Molina)

Last week, Russian Doll returned for another mind-bending season, reuniting viewers with Natasha Lyonne’s time looping New Yorker. The second season is a little different from the first, which was essentially an urban riff on Groundhog Day (much as Edge of Tomorrow was Groundhog Day with aliens), while giving its co-creator/star her meatiest role yet. But all shows transform dramatically in development, and Lyonne discussed some of the ways early incarnations were different. For one thing, it would have prominently featured a performer-turned-major film auteur.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lyonne revealed that at one point Jordan Peele played “heavily in it as a love interest.” This seems to be a number of years ago, before Get Out took his career in a very different direction. “Which is just funny to think that it’s such a pre-Jordan Peele, Oscar-winning auteur era, where we’re just like, ‘Okay, great. So he plays the boyfriend.’

There was another beloved figure who once had a smaller role: Alfred Molina, though Lyonne didn’t go into specifics. Looking back at her original pitch, she calls it a “very specific document, and it’s almost like a time capsule, because it took so long, even from the time that [Netflix] ordered a script to green lighting us direct to series, and a year went by, and in that time, so much changed.”

You can now watch the second season of Russian Doll on Netflix.

(Via EW)