Ryan Reynolds Helps Katie Holmes Confirm Who Was The Best Kisser On ‘Dawson’s Creek’

With Katie Holmes back on the promotion circuit and with questions about Scientology being a little creepy, most of the discussion revolves around her time on Dawson’s Creek. James Corden gets right down to the brass tacks during The Late Late Show, asking Holmes about her first kiss and who is the best kisser on Dawson’s Creek.

It turns out that a guest star was Holmes’ first kiss, planting a smooch on her during the show when she was 18. She had no trouble letting that out of the bag, but finding out which boy crush from the show was the better with his lips seems to be a trade secret. Luckily we have Ryan Reynolds nearby to help get to the bottom of it all.

Reynolds apparently went to high school with Joshua Jackson and knows he is the better kisser, sealing the deal for everybody involved. Van Der Beek loses again.

Now just think about the alternate-universe version of this interview. Judd Apatow likely has a full head of hair, Ryan Reynolds is talking about his upcoming turn in Green Lantern 3 and the revival for Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place, and Katie Holmes is still in Scientology and she’s bald. It’d likely be odd, but better than discussing Dawson’s Creek.

(Via The Late Late Show)

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