Sacha Baron Cohen Duped Sheriff Joe Arpaio Into Saying He’d Accept Oral Sex From Trump

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime series, Who Is America?, continues to churn its way through the right-wing after trolling Roy Moore with a pedophile detector. The show’s newest target is disgraced former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was pardoned in August 2017 by President Trump for his criminal contempt conviction regarding his treatment of undocumented immigrants. Sunday night’s episode was truly surreal, and it’s honestly hard to fathom how Arpaio believed this was a real interview. Yet here we are, and Arpaio tells Cohen in the above snippet that he “may have to say yes” if President Donald Trump called to offer him an “amazing blow job.”

That moment followed a lead-in from Cohen’s newest character, a Finnish YouTube star called OMGWhizzBoyOMG, who was chatting merrily about how “my first job was a hand job from my mother and it was newspapers.” Somehow, that led to the question and admission about Arpaio, Trump, and a different kind of “job,” which wasn’t the only choice moment of the segment. Arpaio previously admitted that it “wouldn’t surprise me” if the “golden shower” allegations from the infamous Steele Russia Dossier were true.

Arpaio and Cohen also entered into a discussion about gun control, with the OMGWhizzBoyOMG enthusiastically “unboxing” a Shopkins toy while rambling about taking away guns from bad guys and bragging about his own extensive firearm collection. Arpaio looked at his host in disbelief: “You have over 43 guns???” To which Cohen’s character answered, “Oh yes. I’ve been collecting them for the upcoming race war.”

This season of Who is America? has already led to the resignation of Georgia state lawmaker Jason Spencer, who dropped his pants and yelled racial slurs on the series. Sarah Palin also lashed out over a “manipulative” appearance that has yet to air. Watch Arpaio’s full interview below.