The Cast Of ‘Salute Your Shorts’ Reunited In Portland And Donkey Lips Sang The Theme Song

The cast from Nickelodeon’s classic Salute Your Shorts reunited at the Everything Is Festival on Thursday, getting the majority of the gang back together to reminisce about the series, talk about a possible reboot like Fuller House, and sing the damn theme song. It’s no Hey, Dude reunion, but it is something and it is the biggest of it’s kind since the cast got together back in 2012.

Missing from the group was Danny Cooksey, who played Budnick on the show and was most likely off eating the nurse’s ice cream while hiding from Robert Patrick. He probably owes him money. Also missing was Blake Sennett, most likely off playing music and talking about the human experience.

No need to worry, though, because the rest of the cast was around and ready to bring the fun. This includes Donkey Lips, Michael Ray Bower, who TMZ managed to catch at the airport and talk into singing the theme song. They all seem to be pretty happy, so that’s more than you can say about most child actors. I know the show doesn’t hold up to modern viewing, but what does? Nostalgia is a strong beast. Check out some pictures from the event below and a local news interview with the cast about what they think about a possible reboot in the near future.

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(Via TMZ / The AV Club)