Sam Elliott And Garret Dillahunt Are Coming To The Final Season Of ‘Justified’

While Sons of Anarchy assembled an oddball collection of guest stars straight out of one of Kurt Sutter’s rage dreams for its final season, Justified is doing the exact opposite. It’s only casting actors who you’re surprised haven’t already been on the show. Such as:

FX has cast Sam Elliott and Garret Dillahunt in recurring roles on its critically-acclaimed, award-winning drama series Justified, which enters its final season January 2015. (Via)

I am.

Sam Elliott will portray “Markham,” a legendary Kentucky gangster who returns from exile with a private army and bags of cash (earned growing legal weed in Colorado), hell-bent on winning back his empire and the lost love of his life, Katherine Hale (Mary Steenburgen). He’ll find himself butting heads with Raylan and Boyd and even with Katherine herself, who secretly believes that Markham is the rat who brought down her husband.

Garret Dillahunt will play “Walker”, a spec ops veteran who’s spent much of the last decade deployed in combat zones, first as a soldier and most recently as a private contractor. He now handles security for a quasi-legal businessman, a job to which he brings all of the skills (as well as the demons) he acquired during his military career. Walker hides his simmering rage behind an exterior of cold professionalism — until the combined irritants of Raylan and Boyd wear away his veneer and bring the monster to the surface. (Via)

Seriously, it took Sam Elliott and Garret Dillahunt, they of Tombstone and Deadwood fame, this long to be on Justified? Better late than never, but that only leaves 12 episodes for Boyd and Raylan to relocate to Arizona and get into a gunfight in some sort of corral. Also, Burt Chance is there, for some reason.

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