Samantha Bee Checks In With Jon Stewart, Who Has Gone To His Happy Place

11.15.16 1 year ago 2 Comments

As Samantha Bee mentioned on last night’s Full Frontal, Democrats’ feelings on Donald Trump being elected president range from “despondent to scared shitless, depending on skin tone.” So to close out the show, which will be on hiatus for the next few weeks, Bee took some time to wish viewers peace and comfort over Thanksgiving. Or, as she said, “Whether your holiday involves drinking enough to cope with your dad’s joy, or hastily marrying whichever of your friends seems most likely to get deported, or just binge-watching 93 hours of West Wing.” However you spend your holiday, Bee just hopes you find your happy place, “like this guy,” she said, checking in with her former Daily Show boss, Jon Stewart.

It appears that retiring to a farm in New Jersey wasn’t enough serenity to get Stewart through this election season, as the cameras cut to him sitting on the steps presumably outside of the Full Frontal studios where he was caught happily coloring in a coloring book singing, “It’s over! I’m coloring a turkey and it’s over!” “I’ve really turned into an odd person,” he exclaimed. “Between the little horses and the coloring!” Congratulations America. It took nearly two decades, but it looks like we’ve finally broken Jon Stewart.

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