Samantha Bee Shows Why She’s The Best With Her Fiery Segment On The Orlando Nightclub Shootings

Samantha Bee is not on television enough during the week. Much like John Oliver, we only get to enjoy her presence on television once a week. And it’s been obvious that her show is top notch for the past few weeks, but tonight is truly the moment where she has decided to shine. Sadly it’s during one of the nation’s darkest moments.

Bee drops the opening with Peaches, drops the Jon Stewart appearances, and gets right down to business about the Orlando nightclub attack. And she does not hold back the anger, which like Conan’s statement, is pretty refreshing for late night. Jon Stewart would get angry during The Daily Show and the passion shown by Bee here is the closest we’ve seen since he retired. It’s something we’ve only gotten a bit from Trevor Noah and John Oliver never seems to let his emotions take over.

Here we see Samantha Bee not holding back about guns, the revolving door of responses we give after every mass shooting, and the flimsy defense for the AR-15. She also doesn’t hesitate to put Florida governor Rick Scott on the fire over Florida’s lack of background checks for AR-15’s and his response for what we could do to help in the aftermath.

It’s truly a fine piece of television, if only for the emotion on display. Even if you disagree, it’s hard to deny that this type of segment would be welcome more than one night a week.

(Via Full Frontal with Samantha Bee)