Sarah Cooper Busted Out Her Beloved Donald Trump Impersonation While Guest Hosting ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

The namesake of Jimmy Kimmel Live! was out on Tuesday night’s show, and his replacement was one of the break-out stars of the quarantine: Sarah Cooper, the author and comedian who’s become a celebrity for uploading videos to social media of her lip synching along to World War-confuser Donald J. Trump. It’s a very simple schtick, and she’s extremely good at it, using mannerisms to bring out sides of the president we haven’t seen before. While she did most of her opening monologue in her own voice, talking about her own life, there was no way she wouldn’t bust out the thing that’s made her a star.

Cooper spent most of her opening talking about herself, by herself, alone without a crowd. She spoke about her Jamaican family, overcoming stereotypes, and her stint working at Google. (“They didn’t know I was black,” she said. “I think they thought I was Indian because they kept promoting me.” She said her dad pointed out she is Indian, being of West Indian descent.)

But eventually Cooper got around to busting out her Trump talk, which she did via rope-a-dope: She said she asked her million-and-a-half followers to send in video questions for her, about her life. She wound up answering them in the voice of Trump, including treating one person to his infamous “What a stupid question” bit you’ll be seeing a lot over the next 80-some days.

You can watch Cooper’s monologue in the video above. The Trump bit starts around the 5:40 mark.

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