Sarah Paulson Was Once Shot Down By Matthew Perry At A Make-Out Party Thrown By Carrie Fisher

While Sarah Paulson and Matthew Perry shared plenty of on-screen kisses during their time on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the actress revealed that before working together, Perry once completely rejected her at a make-out party. If you’re wondering who the heck throws a make-out party filled with famous celebs, it was all Carrie Fisher‘s idea, and on top of that, she got author Gore Vidal to host it at his house.

During Monday’s night episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Paulson opened up about the awkward moment with Perry at the star-studded make-out bash, and it was pretty brutal. Via Entertainment Weekly:

“I didn’t see anyone make out, but there was a hat with names in it, and you were supposed to make out with whomever you pulled out of the hat,” Paulson explained, telling Kimmel that the Friends star pulled her name “and then promptly left the room.” When Kimmel asked how she knew he pulled her name, Paulson told him that she saw it happen and then described the awkward moment between them where Perry told her, “I got you.”

According to Paulson, she and Perry weren’t total strangers and “knew each other a little through one of my very best friends in the world,” but that didn’t make the situation any less awkward, especially after Paulson followed Perry out of the room and suggested they kiss, which he took a pass on. However, the two ended up becoming close friends while shooting Sunset 60.

“I got my kiss,” Paulson triumphantly told Kimmel.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)