Looking Back At Kyle Mooney’s Pre-‘SNL’ Weirdness

Like him or loathe him, you have to admit that Kyle Mooney has continually been the victim of cut-for-time sketches. But ironically, most of his axed bits have gone on to grab the internet’s affection. Why? Because we get him. From SNL going back to his days as a part of Good Neighbor, Mooney has been able to effectively channel his weird comedy genius. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look a Mooney’s earlier, internet approved work.

4/20 Disaster

A favorite of the cult-y “smoking” skits. The clip features Mooney as an uber-pothead — who does not smoke and knows nothing about weed. He tries to call out all the stereotypical stoner commentary, but botches it in hilarious fashion, and perpetually avoids putting the joint to his lips while keeping up the façade.

Is My Roommate Gay?

A short and sweet sketch featuring sidekick Bennett. Mooney crushes this scene with an Eastern European (we think) accent and pathetic denial of his sexuality.


A favorite rendition of Mooney’s Chandling. Chandling perfects the bad comedian shtick and the New York accent puts it over the top.


You could spend a day on the entire “interview” series. Mooney inspires cringes as an untrained and awkward interviewer, complete with retro microphone and complete lack of subject matter knowledge. The character brings out hilarious back-and-forths from his unsuspecting counterparts. But the big question is how he finds such clueless subjects?


The all-time best. Sporty works equally well for female or male viewers. To women, Mooney plays every male sports fan — overly invested and embarrassingly attached. To men, it’s eye-opening to realize we are all this guy. And we are all this pathetic.