If You Liked The First Season Of ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ You’re Going To Absolutely Love Season Two


When season one of Schitt’s Creek ended, the Rose family was in quite the predicament. Johnny (Eugene Levy) had finally found someone to purchase the town, but in a tragic twist of fate, the buyer — a boorish shelving manufacturer named Andy Roberts — fell ill and went into a coma just as he was about to sign the town over for a cool million dollars.

When that happened, the Roses’ hopes of leaving Schitt’s Creek got crushed — which, of course, was the worst news ever for this family.

The botched deal has a swift effect on each of the Rose children. Assuming she was going to be leaving town, Alexis (Annie Murphy) had turned down a proposal from her veterinarian boyfriend Ted (Dustin Milligan), instead choosing to finally consummate her feelings for town bad boy Mutt (Tim Rozon). Likewise David (Dan Levy) royally screwed things up with Stevie (Emily Hampshire) by asking her to move to New York with him… as roommates. This offer didn’t go over so well considering the motel clerk’s burgeoning feelings toward him. In a cliffhanger of sorts, David was last seen fleeing the town in mayor Roland Schitt’s (Chris Elliott) truck.

When season two picks back up, it’s three days after the series of events that went down in the season one finale. No one knows where David is, but not surprisingly the only one who seems concerned is Stevie, who has been spurned by his disappearance.


Meanwhile Moira (Catherine O’Hara) is less interested in her son’s whereabouts so much as her great-grandmother’s crocodile bag, which David may or may not have taken with him. When Stevie accidentally interrupts Johnny and Moira arguing over the bag while delivering towels, Johnny tells her that they’re just “looking for something valuable,” to which she quips back, “Your son?” “No, a brown bag, as a matter of fact,” responds Johnny before quickly recalibrating… “Well, our son, yes.”

Likewise, Roland seems mostly concerned about what happened to his truck, while Alexis can’t be bothered to think of anything beyond the Ted-Mutt love triangle she’s now gotten herself into, as Ted naturally assumes the engagement is back on now that her family is staying. It is not. To explain why she hasn’t returned any of his texts, Alexis tells Ted at the cafe, “Everything’s just been so hectic, what with David missing, and like… I haven’t been sleeping, and I haven’t been eating.” This would be tragic except there’s a partially eaten yogurt parfait right in front of her.

At least Johnny still hasn’t given up hope looking for his son since David clearly has no street smarts nor money to his name. Moira on the other hand remains obsessed that he’s sold her precious bag — which has been passed down by the women in her family as emergency currency in the event any of them leave their husbands in the middle of the night. Moira points out that Alexis will obviously need it someday and Johnny adds, “More than once probably.”

Will the Roses find David? And how will they get him back? You won’t have to wait terribly long for answers, as season two focuses on the Rose family continuing to get adjusted to living, loving, and yes, even working in the unfamiliar surroundings they’ve been reluctantly forced to call home. But there’s no place like home, right?

There’s certainly no place like Schitt’s Creek.

Catch a peek at season two below and don’t forget to tune-in tonight at 8/7c on Pop for the special  one hour event! You can get fully caught up with the first season of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ on Amazon, iTunes, Streampix, and OnDemand.