Last Night Was A Big Night For TV As Sean Hannity Called Seth Meyers An ‘A**hole, And Seth Meyers Called Ted Cruz An ‘A**hole’

In an a**hole-off for the ages, late-night TV lit up with the a-word in two notable ways on Thursday night. Both instances (on Fox News and NBC) went entirely uncensored, and yeah, it is what it is. First up, let’s talk about Sean Hannity’s latest outburst, which happened in response to Seth Meyers coming for Hannity (earlier this week) for what the NBC late-night host described as (via the Daily Beast) a “sociopathic” reaction to gun violence in the United States. The plague of mass shootings recently reared its head again in Atlanta, Georgia and Boulder, Colorado, and in typical Hannity fashion, he had ducked into distraction-land while focusing on (as rehashed by Media Matters) Joe Biden tripping on the Air Force One Stairs. Well, Hannity was not pleased that Meyers called him out, and that led to this angry retort from the Fox News host.

“You’re just another limousine liberal, socialist, hypocritical a**hole,” ranted Hannity towards Meyers. “Who does nothing but spew anti-GOP hate and as virtually nothing positive or productive to add to any political dialogue.”

Well, Mayers had a different subject in mind for beginning his evening, which would be Ted Cruz’s party-boy attitude while he refused to wear a mask upon a reporter’s request. As noted by The Wrap, Seth Meyers also went in big on the a-word.

“If you’re a decent, normal person, and someone politely asks you to put on a mask in their company, you do it. Ted Cruz, however, took it as yet another opportunity to be a giant a**hole,” Mayers offered. “Man, Ted Cruz is the Steph Curry of being a giant dick. He never misses a shot.” The fun begins below after the 1:00 minute mark.

Big night for the a-word! Exciting stuff.