Sean Spicer Has Been Booted Off ‘Dancing With The Stars’ After Almost Two Months

A lot of people were displeased when the producers of Dancing with the Stars interpreted “stars” as “former Trump administration officials routinely caught lying to the public.” The good news is that former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s reign on the game show/hoofing fest has finally been given the boot, as caught by The Hollywood Reporter.

The public figure repeatedly played on SNL by Melissa McCarthy (who won an Emmy for her efforts) lasted nearly two full months. Spicer made his dancing days debut back on September 16, and with a bang, emerging with fluffy, neon yellow shirt.

The show’s attempted normalization of Spicer was not met kindly, but mostly people belittled and mocked him, which is still perhaps preferable to his successor, Sarah Sanders, being asked to leave restaurants in which she was attempting to casually dine.

Before the night’s show aired, Spicer’s ex-boss sent out a congratulatory tweet to his ex-employee, begging his millions of followers (a chunk of them bots, incidentally) to vote Spicer. When Spicer lost, Trump deleted the tweet and issued a warm-hearted replacement.

Fun fact: Spicer isn’t the only former Trump administration official who’s graced ABC’s long-running dance-off: Outgoing Secretary of Energy Rick Perry busted a few moves back in 2016, shortly after dropping out of the presidential race won by his future (and almost former) employer. Which game/reality show will one day accept current Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, who, reminder, has not held a single press briefing since taking the job, which is supposed to be a key part of her job? Our money’s on a reboot of Road Rules.

(Via THR)