Sean Spicer Made His ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Debut And Everyone Thinks It’s Totally Fine (Not Really)

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who served in the position until his resignation in July of 2017, has been keeping busy. While much of his post-Trump administration work has included a controversial appearance at the 2017 Emmy Awards, numerous speaking engagements and television appearances, a book deal, and other accolades, at least a Rick Perry-esque go at Dancing With the Stars didn’t seem to be in the cards — at least, that is, until Spicer’s casting on the reality competition series was announced in August. On Monday, he made his colorful debut.

And “colorful” it was, as Spicer was introduced while wearing a neon yellow fluffy shirt and… yeah. It was something.

Of course, as CNN was quick to note, Spicer isn’t the first politico to make an appearance on ABC’s long-running reality television series. Former Texas Governor and failed 2016 Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry showed off his best moves soon after he dropped out of the race (and before he joined the Trump administration as its Energy Secretary). Before that, Texas Congressman Tom DeLary went onto the program in 2009 “in the middle of his indictment on charges of campaign money laundering.”

So, yeah. Spicer is in good company on Dancing With the Stars and everything is totally fine and normal.