Seth MacFarlane Is Pointing Out How Tucker Carlson Is Allowed To Spread Dangerous Misinformation, But Peter Griffin Can’t Cuss

“Human manure spreader” Tucker Carlson is free to spew wackadoodle and potentially harmful conspiracy theories five nights a week on Fox News, but if Peter Griffin says one barely-a-swear-word on Fox, there will be hell (h*ll) to pay.

Following a week where the Tucker Carlson Tonight host went full cartoon villain (as opposed to this cartoon villain), Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane tweeted, “Recently on Fox News, Tucker Carlson has defended counterfeit vaccine cards, compared mask and vaccine mandates to ‘my body, my choice,’ and suggested those working to stop Covid should be ‘punished severely.’ Oh also, Peter Griffin can’t say ‘goddamn.'”

MacFarlane is hitting all his favorite targets: the FCC (as Brian once sang, “They will make you take a tinkle when you want to take a piss”), Fox News, and Tucker Carlson. “Tucker Carlson’s latest opinion piece once again makes me wish Family Guy was on any other network,” the Family Guy creator tweeted last month. “Look, Fox, we both know this marriage isn’t working anymore. The sex is only once a year, I don’t get along with your mother, and well… I’ve been having an affair with NBC.” (In 2020, MacFarlane signed a $200 million overall deal with NBCUniversal.) Expect lots of Fox News jokes — more than usual — when Family Guy returns for season 20 later this month.